Kanye West and Kris' drama over Kim Kardashian's personal life.

Kris Jenner and Kanye west are fighting over the control of the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian's endorsements, personal life, money and everything else in the conviction that she is incapable of making worthwhile personal decisions.
The self proclaimed genius, West considers himself as the only one qualified to dictate his fiancé's aspect of life.
A source told Radar that Kanye's non stop wheeling and dealing and the total control of Kim's career is leaving Kris totally out of control.
Kanye, unlike Kim's mother Kris who parades her daughter for the purposes of branding her family, thinks that Kim's appearance in public only embarrasses her. He thus wants to keep her indoors as much s possible.
Kris' plan to seize each and every publicity opportunity offered to her daughter has received great resistance from Kanye who as managed to get Kim to cut her media and magazine appearances.

As reported by Radar, Kanye (the singer) as become a groomzilla while planning each and every detailed of his upcoming wedding to Kardashian as well as her business brand.
With Kanye considering himself as the fashion phenom, the dramatic change in Kim's appearance since she started dating the rapper is no surprising. She now is into brown lipstick and dark clothes. This has been assumed to mimic Beyonce who is the wife of West's mentor.
The source reported that Kanye's goal is to get people to take Kim seriously and respect her.
The fact that Kim stared in a sex tape with rapper Ray J, which is available online for everyone's viewing is enough reason to get Kanye embarrassed by Kim.
This is however not the case with Kim's mother who won't go out without a fight.
The fact that he is alienating Kris remains to be a long term problem that won't go away. Much s Kris loves money, buying her out of Kim's life is no easy thing no matter how much efforts Kanye inputs in getting her to the next level.