Kim K Losing Weight After North

Since Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter in June 2013, she has undergone several laser treatments with an aim of removing the stretch marks especially on her breasts. She also lost more than 50 pounds and this has brought so many rumors and speculation on the media.

People have rumors that she also got butt-implant surgery that would boost her rear to look bigger after childbirth thus making her to look slimmer and bustier. She also argued that she needed “a complete transformation” that would make her look the best after being a mother.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has slammed on tabloids rumors. Back in January 2014, she ripped reports on her weight loss of 50 pounds that cost $80,000 including plastic surgery as well as liposuction treatments. However, she insisted that the rapid weight loss mainly came from the rigorous workouts as well as a low-carb Atkins diet. She also rubbished the claims by saying that the weight loss was from proper adherence to diet as opposed to surgery terming them as “fake reports”.

Meanwhile, the stepfather of Kim Kardashian , Bruce Jenner, is also making headlines after he undergone through a plastic surgery that would flatten his Adam's apple. Several media reports have claimed Jenner is looking for a sex-change operation even after the family dismissed the claims as "absurd.