The Best Ass in Showbiz

Proving once again that not all women who live their lives in the spotlight aspire to be model-thin, Kim Kardashian's latest photographs depict an ample bottom encased in skin-tight pants. Like some women are known for their gorgeous locks or hair, melting eyes, or sparkling, show-stopping smile, Kim Kardashian is quickly becoming the big-butt poster child of the century. Fiance Kanye West doesn't seem to mind one bit as she flits about L.A. running errands in revealing capris seemingly doing everything possible to court the paparazzi -- and if it was a ruse, it worked out well. Photographs of the 33 year old reality star with her butt as the focal point showed up in print on Monday in L.A. publications. Although she was also wearing a turtleneck, no one really seemed to notice that.
This is not the first time Kim's butt has made the press. Last fall, the Keeping up With the Kardashians star instagrammed photos of herself wearing a butt-revealing bikini, and the online tabloids quickly followed suit and posted the pics all over the Internet. Always an equal-opportunity exhibitionist, however, Kardashian was recently seen in public sporting a low-cut Dior dress that proves that her upper half is every bit as worthy of display.