A Short Bio on Kim Kardashian

Kim Noel Kardashian, the socialite.renowned reality television star, entrepreneur and model, was born on the 21st of october in the year 1980 in the city of Baverly Hills, California. Born of the famous Robert Kardashian and his wife, Kris, she is the second born of the four children in her family. Recently, the dark haired petite beauty has garnered a celebrity status equal to that of Paris Hilton thanks to her hit reality TV show, curvaceous style, a string of workout DVDs and the scandalous video that exposed her sexual exploits with Ray J, a former boyfriend.

The seemingly wired of fame, Kardashian was a preschool Paris Hilton’s classmate. Growing up under the privileged and glare of Beverly Hills gave her an up-close view of Hollywood’s pleasures as well as pitfalls. Her father who is the founder of Movie Tunes Inc, a marketing and music business, was a well established Attorney. He was a close friend of the football star, O.J. Simpson and was one of the defense lawyers on Simpson’s murder trial. In fact, Simpson was leaving the Attorney’s home during the famous Ford Bronco police chase moments before he was arrested. Robert Kardashian died in October 2003 from cancer of the esophagus.

In Kardashian word, her childhood reflected none of the stardom stuff. Sunday church was part and parcel of the family life. It, therefore, was the Kardashian children’s expectation that on reaching the age of 18, living off the family dime would be no option. Kim Kardashian attended an exclusive Catholic girls’ high school while working for her father’s company. After her father’s death, the corporation, which they have since sold, was in her control as well as her siblings.

Ever since her sex tape was released, people have been obsessed with Kim Kardashian!